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Celebrating 52 Years of Caring (1965-2017) 

Our story begins with Martha Wettstein, the first administrator of the Regina Lutheran Home. In April, 1965, she acted on her concerns about the inactivity of the guests (later called residents). She asked the women’s organizations of Regina Lutheran Churches to send representatives to an exploratory meeting that resulted in the formation of the Auxiliary. Its purpose was to provide comfort and render assistance to the guests of the Home.
Women from every Lutheran congregation came forward to share their time and talents. The Auxiliary has been serving for 50 years. There were 32 original members; over the years a total of 152 women have served in our organization. The mandate and role of the Auxiliary has changed over time in response to the changing needs of the residents and of the Home.
Originally, the Auxiliary provided residents with visitation, entertainment and contact with the broader community. It initiated activities and organized volunteers who in turn worked with groups of residents each week. The focus was on quilting and other handicrafts; monthly show and tell get-togethers were socializing events.
With the creation of an activity department in the 1980s, activity workers took over many of the roles of the Auxiliary. Our focus then became the monthly programs and parties and regular tours on the “bunny bus”, both out-of-town and to destinations within the city.
Over time, as the resident population required higher levels of nursing care, the bus tours were no longer feasible. In order to provide activities that would benefit all the residents (later called Elders) and in consultation with the Home, we concentrated on our monthly programs and parties. We organize these events, provide the entertainment, bring our home baking and help with serving and clean-up. Monthly parties often have a fun holiday theme; programs such as the World Day of Prayer and Remembrance Day are planned in such a way that they are meaningful to the Elders.
We assist with social functions, family and special events at the Home, and provide volunteers for the Recreation Department’s outings with the Elders on the Eagle’s Wings wheelchair bus. I saw Eagle’s Wings earlier without the ‘ and wondered.  If it has a ‘ it should be fixed up above and if it doesn’t take it out here.The Auxiliary also purchases and maintains the pages of the Memorial book, which is on display in the foyer of the Home.
The annual Tea and Bazaar is the Auxiliary’s only fund-raiser; proceeds are used to benefit the Elders in many ways. Here are a few examples:
– maintaining hymn books & music licenses
– tuning the pianos
– providing bedding plants
– contributing to Christmas gifts for the Elders
– providing a small gift for every elder on their birthday

Monthly Events 2017

January July
  • 9 – New Year’s Party (Home Baking)
  • 30 – Auxiliary Meeting
  • 10 – Summer Party (Dixie Cups and Wafers)
  • 25-29 – Community Week (leads into Buffalo Days)
February August
  • 13 – Valentine’s Party (White Cake)
  • 27 – Auxiliary Meeting
  •  10- Garden Outing
March September
  • TBA – Family Day Pot Luck – 5:30pm:
    • Rose Garden, Blueberry Hill,
      Sunshine Valley & Heritage Heights
  • 3 – World Day of Prayer Services – 2:00pm
  • 27 – Auxiliary Meeting
  •  TBA – Family BBQ for Piccadilly Square – 5:30pm
  • 11 – Summer Party (Home Baking)
  • 25 – Auxiliary Meeting
April October
  • 10 – Easter Party (Home Baking)
  • 19 – Volunteer Appreciation Tea – 7:00pm (Town Hall)
  • 29 – Tea and Bazaar: (Saturday) 2-4:00pm
  •  2 – Thanksgiving Program (Pumpkin Baking)
  • 26 – Hallowe'en Treats: 3:00pm
  • 30 – Auxiliary Meeting
May November
  • 8 – Parent’s Day (Home Baking)
  • 11 – ASCHA Convention (Lanigan)
  • 29 – Auxiliary Meeting
  •  6 – Remembrance DayProgram (Home Baking)
  • 27 – Auxiliary Meeting
June December
  • 12 – Summer Party (Cookies and other Baking)
  •  Christmas Dinners: to be announced
  January 2018
 The annual Tea and Bazaar on Saturday,
April 29 is the RLH Auxiliary’s only fundraiser. 
Donations of crafts and baking are appreciated.
  • 8 – New Year’s Party (Home Baking)
  • 29 – Auxiliary Meeting
February 2018
  • 12 – Valentine’s Party (White Cake)
  • 26 – Auxiliary Meeting
The Executive Committee includes the officers of the Auxiliary and the Committee Chairpersons. It shall have authority to act on all matters referred to it at any meeting of the Auxiliary.
The purpose of the Auxiliary shall be to provide comforts and to render assistance to the Elders of the Home through special events and activities.
Auxiliary meetings are at 1:00 pm the last Monday of the month at Regina Lutheran Home except June, July, August, and December.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.
If you are unable to attend our meetings, you are welcome to volunteer to help at our monthly programs (usually seasonal themes) or to assist at summer outings (in conjunction with the Recreation Department). Please see our 2016 calendar in our Yearbook – on your Church bulletin board or above.

There are many opportunities for you to make a difference at the Regina Lutheran Home. There are many ways to be engaged in our community –  a walking program, one on one visits with our Elders, gardening, assisting Elders with meals and appointments, community outings and recreation programs.

Partnerships offer opportunities for Elders to form relationships with others within Regina and the surrounding area. Partnerships allow Elders to give care to others, continue to grow and flourish and remain connected to the community. Groups benefit in a variety of ways. Currently, we have partnerships with MacKenzie Art Gallery,  Winston Knoll high school, Cosmopolitan Learning Center and Ehrlo Early Learning Center.

If you are interested in being part of our community through volunteering or a partnership, please contact Michelle Buhay by phone at 306-543-4055 ext 314 or by email michelle.buhay@edencare.ca .

Recreation programs and experiences are based on the strengths, needs and wants of the Elders.  Programs change daily, weekly and monthly and you may see us out at the Fieldhouse for our Walk n Roll program or going for a drive on Eagles Wings (our own wheelchair accessible bus), playing cards and games with daycare children, elementary and high school students or working on our artistic masterpieces in conjunction with the MacKenzie Art Gallery.  We have wonderful outdoor spaces where we enjoy a garden, BBQ’s and the Saskatchewan weather. Our dog Pepsi and our cat Timmy live with us and are wonderful companions.
Food is one of the joys of our world and we celebrate it each day. 
Regina Lutheran Home follows a 6-week menu cycle which is updated periodically. Our staff know the Elders very well, so if Elders have preferences besides the items offered that day, they will prepare them based on the Elder’s preferences.  Our approach to therapeutic diets is quite liberal, but where there is a need to respect texture, allergies, and or clinical needs, it is strictly met.
Breakfast is a wonderful time at Regina Lutheran Home. Our relaxed breakfast enables Elders to get up as they wake. Breakfast is served from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The food service staff member in each of the 4 houses makes the meals to order when the Elder arrives. Our hallways are filled with the fabulous aromas of bacon, pancakes, and omelets, just to mention a few possibilities. When Elders need assistance to eat (ie. spoon to mouth, open jam packages, cut up food) it is provided. You hear the sounds of laughter and conversation in our dining rooms as our elders start their day.
Lunches and suppers are prepared in the main kitchen and transported to the dining rooms at meal times. We have a fifth dining room which serves our tenants from the assisted living suites. Tea is served in the Regina Lutheran Town Hall each afternoon and early evening. This is an opportunity to gather and interact with your neighbors from other houses. Coffee, tea, juices, milk are available with a small snack.
Our menu is adapted to reflect the season’s traditional favorites  (i.e. Turkey at Christmas or Baked ham on Easter Sunday) We celebrate the seasons with family dinners and barbeques as food is focal for our many celebrations.

The Lutheran Hospital Chaplaincy provides spiritual care at the Regina General and Pasqua Hospitals and the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre. The Regina Lutheran Hospital Chaplaincy primarily serves patients who originate from outside of Regina. The Chaplain also provides emergency Spiritual Health Care on request for a member of other faith groups during regular office hours.


Office: (306) 206-0265 (regular office hours)
Fax: (306) 206-0258

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