The Craigs

Eden Care Communities, Saplings Early Learning Centre has changed the life of my son, and our family, significantly.
We struggle with my son's temper and personality quirks. I thought that our struggle was something we had to face via Google on our own time. A friend told me about this amazing centre and by chance we made it in. Now I realize we are not alone. Saplings is not only “watching” our son, they are engaging, teaching, loving, nurturing, training and preparing Porter for a successful, healthy and positive childhood development.
From going on walks, outings to the Lutheran home, singing, reading, crafts, playing with toys of all sorts, going outdoors etc., Porter is always exhausted and content from a stimulating, adventurous day.
There has been tremendous growth in our son and every week is a better experience. He is constantly singing and he is happier than he has ever been thanks to the incredible staff at Saplings. Thank you and we look forward to the wonderful years ahead!